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Mission Statement

Excellence in the diagnosis, treatment, and most importantly, in the prevention of disease done so with respect, compassion and while bringing a smile to the patient.

Electronic Medical Records

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Login (for current EMR users) or Register (for new EMR users)  to our highly secure Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. You will be able to access your medical records including lab work & any other medical tests 24/7, communicate with your doctor via email, and fill out your patient forms ahead of time.

About Dr. Tovar Dias

About Dr. Tovar Dias

Dr. Tovar Dias is very passionate in the correct diagnosis & prevention of diseases and utilizing evidence based treatment.

About Dr. Tovar Dias' Practice

The Practice

The practice is blessed to have great group of patients and to have a highly qualified and dedicated staff.

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Please contact us to schedule your appointment, to speak with a nurse or if you have any questions at (239) 275-3036.

Please login or register to our Electronic Medical Records

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Please login or register to access your highly secure electronic medical records (EMR) by clicking on the image above.

What are the Benefits of Electronic Medical Records?

There are many reasons why electronic medical records (EMR) mean better healthcare for you and your loved ones and why having access to your own EMR is extremely important to us. Here are just a few of the reasons why we believe you should register for our highly secure EMR system:

  • You have 24/7 access to your records.
  • You have immediate access to any lab tests, x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, etc. that you may have had performed to help with your medical diagnosis.
  • You may communicate with Dr. Tovar Dias directly via digital means.
  • You may fill out the necessary patient forms ahead of time.

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If you are new to our Electronic Medical Records system, please register by clicking the button below. If you have already registered, you may login using the same button. You will be taken to another, highly secure site with the registration or login instructions.

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